Darth Vader Projecting Alarm Clock

If you’re not one of those lucky people who have flexible schedules, you probably have to get up at a certain time of the morning. You probably use an alarm clock to help you do so, but one alarm clock might motivate you to get out of bed with Darth Vader’s creepy heavy breathing.

ThinkGeek has released yet another brilliant geeky product that every self-respecting Star Wars fan will want to have: a Darth Vader alarm clock. You might thinnk that’s been done, but this one has a special twist. It projects the time onto the wall or the ceiling.

Darth Vader Projecting Alarm Clock

Vader Projecting Alarm Clock

Seeing Darth Vader’s face and counting the hours on the ceiling should cure just about any insomniac.

Darth Vader’s head is about 6 inches tall, and the alarm clock also has a standard digital non-projecting LCD on the front.

Thinkgeek has also released an amusing video to promote the alarm clock, featuring a stormtrooper, the Sith Lord himself, and Boba Fett during their morning routine as they apparently share an apartment.

I must admit that I don’t really have a need to wake up to an alarm clock, but this is one I wouldn’t mind having on my nightstand. (One of the advantages of being a freelance writer is that you can sleep as late as you like. By the way, if you’re looking to jump-start your own freelance writing career, if you look to the right of this article, you’ll notice that Walyou is looking for writers.) Waking up to Darth Vader’s iconic breathing is much better than waking up to buzzing, beeping, some bland Top 40 radio station, or some droning NPR announcer.

There is one important warning that owners of this alarm clock must heed. ThinkGeek’s product page warns that Darth Vader “may Force Choke you if you try to sleep late.”

We posted earlier on another Darth Vader alarm clock, though that one didn’t project. If you like Star Wars, you’ll love our post titled 16 Coolest Star Wars Characters in Gadgets and Mods. It includes a Darth Vader wall clock.

Available for only: $39.99