DC Comics Superheroes as Western Characters

The awesome works of Denis Medri don’t stop coming, this time meshing up the world of the Wild Wild West with the Justice League’s finest, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and the Martian Manhunter.

Western Superman

Western Superman

While Superman would make a great cowboy, it’s kind of weird thinking about him with a hat and a gun.

Western Batman

Western Batman

During Batman: The return of Bruce Wayne, we got to see what he’d be like if he was actually in the Wild Wild West. Even then, he kept his policy of “no killing” and a “no guns”.


Aquaman Western

Aquaman? Sand? Just like Marty McCfly, this just doesn’t sit right.

Green Lantern

Western Green Lantern

Back then, you really did have to carry around lanterns to carry yourself without bumping into things.


The Flash Western

While Yosemite Sam claims to be the fastest gun north, south, east, aaaaaaand west of the Pecos, I’m pretty sure Flash is faster.

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter

Looks like someone in a “strongest man” act from a travelling show, wandering the Western towns.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Western

Yes, some women were cool enough to carry a gun and dish out some justice and truth with a lasso.

The Green Arrow

The Green Arrow

He was probably fighting with the Indians back then.

We’ve shown other collections of Medri’s work before, which is always some of the best you’ll find on the web, including Star Wars Characters as high schoolers in the 80’s, Rockabilly Re-Imagining of Batman characters and a Steampunk redesign of Spider-Man and some of his enemies.