13 Awesome DC-Marvel Crossovers

One of the most important question in the minds of geeks around the globe is the old DC – Marvel rivalry. Not about which company is better and who has better characters. No, there are much deeper and more urgent issues than that. Who will win when the guys and gals from both universes collide? Here are 13 attempts to answer that question.

Despite Marvel having (in my opinion) a better overall gallery of Superheroes and¬†Super-villains, i just can’t see the team with Superman and Batman losing.

At the Movies

The Justice League Taking on Galactus

Pretty much Everyone

Who or what are they running from?

Wolverine Mixed Up With Wonder Woman

If you find this sexy, there’s something wrong with you.

When the Juggernaut Met the Penguin

The Fastest Wheelchair Telepath in the Universe

Cat Fight

Weirdest Crossover Ever?

Lobo and Howard the Duck in the most insane idea in the history of the DC – Marvel crossover genre.

Actual Cat Fight

Zatanna and the Wasp

Spiderman vs Batman

Also knows as Rich genius against mostly poor genius.

Superman vs Hulk

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