Accurate Clock Reminds You that You Will Die

A Memento Mori is an object that reminds us that death is approaching, and that we are all racing towards our own graves. These artefacts are created in order to remind the viewer that his or her life is transient and that like all other mortals they would eventually die.

Usually, Memento Mori objects are macabre in nature, and alternative artists have used the idea to create a number of thought provoking gadgets, artefacts and real pieces of art work. The Accurate Clock by Mr. Jones is a Memento Mori that reminds you that you will die. It does so every time you look at the clock. The dial of the clock is mirrored so that your face is shown on the dial, and you would be reminded that the very reflection of your face would cease to exist someday, and that you would be dust or ashes.

The hour hand of the Accurate Clock reads ‘Remember’ and the minute hand of this Memento Mori clock reads ‘you will die’. It would be a great gift to people who believe that they will exist forever, and behave in callous and self absorbed ways. It could also be used as an art piece that is hung on the wall of your drawing room so that your visitors know that they too will die, just like anyone else. Most people find remembering death unpleasant but the idea of a Memento Mori is to remind us that life is transient and that no one will live forever. The Accurate Clock also has a wrist watch version, thanks to which you can constantly remind yourself that you will die.

It is for this reason that we all must make sure that we are having enough fun and not wasting even a bit of time. Wasting our precious time when we are alive is like losing gold dust, as Tori Amos once said in one of her songs. You could also take a look at 23 Skull Art works that remind you that you would die. The Thirteen Skull Art is yet another Memento Mori which helps you to make the most of what you have in your life, and that includes time.