Delen Memory Table Shares Your Dishes On Social Networks

Twitter’s main goal is to help you answer the question “What’s happening?”, but if any of your friends is the equivalent of Thomas (biblical reference here), the Delen Memory table will help you bring proofs to the table (pun intended).

The interactive camera table, as its designer calls it, is a piece of furniture reimagined in such a way as to adapt to the modern times. While the surface of the table is not different from any other such piece of furniture, the overhead camera is the element that sets it apart. More precisely, that camera is meant to make sharing memories easier and also to provide quick regular updates on whatever you are doing.

According to David Franklin, the designer of the Delen Memory table, this solid-oak product is hand-crafted. It can be extended and its drawers that close slowly could turn out very useful. Red LEDs that are positioned near the camera blink whenever a photo is taken. A remote camera shutter button is used for overriding the schedule at which photos are taken. The camera connects to the computer wirelessly, but the power source of the table is not disclosed.

One thing to remember is that this table does not only work with Twitter. You are able to share whatever you are doing on that table (in the limits of decency) on a social network of your choice. Provided that the camera has a good enough resolution, this table would have some great potential for becoming a star in cooking magazines. Chefs who are into social networking will surely appreciate the Delen Memory table. As a matter of fact, the table could be used by anyone who needs to provide regular updates related to their projects, from architects to artists. If this ever gets into mass production, I bet there will also be some parents who will use the table for checking up on their children, to see if they did their homeworks or if they ate their meal. Another notable feature of this table is the ability to upload the pictures to the personal computer, instead of sharing them on social networks.

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