Yacht Ilona Capstan Transforming Table

Furniture designers and manufacturers aim their attention at making their products expandable, modular, and with as many different roles as possible. More than that, there is a lot of focus on ergonomics.

DB Fletcher transforming table

David Fletcher, from DB Fletcher Design, came up with a concept inspired by Robert Jupe, who in 1835 designed several radial dining tables. However, Fletcher’s Yacht Ilona Capstan transforming table represents an optimized version, in contrast to the ones made by Jupe. According to the designer, “Jupe’s tables could not store their own expansion leaves, were not always truly round, and were slow and laborious to operate.”

Yacht Ilona Capstan Table

The upper layer, which is visible when the table is in compact mode, is made from 6 arrow-like leaves. When expanding the table, two other layers get lifted to the surface. As mentioned on the DB Fletcher Web site, “Its intricacy changes, according to the species of timber used, as the table metamorphoses from small to large, and vice versa.” In order to expand the table, users only have to unscrew a button and rotate the upper layer to the right. Screwing the button back to its initial position is necessary, to make sure that the layers do not move while using the table. In compact mode, the table offers enough space for 6 persons. While expanded, it can easily accommodate 12 persons.

DB Fletcher Design Transforming Table

Despite looking simple, there is a lot of work in creating such a table. Because of this fact, there is a limited number of Yacht Ilona Capstan tables manufactured every year. These pieces of furniture are made from solid wood, as well as aluminum and stainless steel. The weight of 220 kilos confirms the use of such heavy materials.

The entire table is shipped in one package. As people may find assembling this table a bit difficult, an expert installation technician from UK needs to be present after receiving the package, in order to put the pieces together. Yacht Ilona Capstan tables seem to be made with exclusivity in mind, as there are no showrooms for these products, nor are there any dealers. Customers order their transforming tables directly on the Web site of the design company.

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