WTF Gadgets: Chinese Knock Offs

Legally, copyright laws exist in China, but they’re suggestions, and not really enforced. The result is a hilarious industry of knock-offs.Everyone who has seen at least one of these knows what we’re talking about: usually, it’s a product of the late 80s-early 90s modified to look like a modern gadget, and with a couple modifications to the logo. These modifications, just because of the way Chinese and some Asian languages work, can be hilarious by themselves, often coming off as dirty. That is, unless you get one of these instead of that gadget you were expecting (thanks, grandma). Without further introduction, here’s a bunch of our favorites:

iPhone and iPod


This one is particularly funny. They didn’t even bother to change the names here. The iPhone on the left has the benefit of an extended battery life, we guess. And the iPod on the right… well, it replaced the characteristic wheel of classic iPods with hard buttons. Hey, as long as it has FM radio, we don’t care!

 Game Joy (Game Boy)


Well, we guess this does count as a “game”, but there’s no “joy” to be had if you’re expecting to play Link’s Awakening or Pokemon Yellow but get this instead.

WiWi (Wii)


This one is particularly creepy. It sounds like something a child molester would say: “hey, kids, who wants to play with my WiWi?”. China, you could really use some native English speakers to check on some things!

PolyStation (PlayStation)


A blast from the past! PolyStation is a console that resembles the classic PlayStation One, but actually only plays Famicom knock-off cartridges (you know, like the Super Mario Bros games where you control Bart Simpson). When the “CD” lid opens, there’s the cartridge slot, ready to be blown because the games are so old they will rarely work.



No, we don’t mean the Paraguayan Communist Party nor Phencyclidine (although people on drugs have reported to enjoy this console more than their sober counterparts). This “PCP” is a PSP clone, and we can’t even begin to imagine what it plays. Also, bam … No analog sticks at all.

Chinese Star Wars Meets Predator


What the hell did we just post? This looks like a Sci-Fi movie compilation, but the front cover is nothing short of hilarious. We can’t imagine what a duel between Schwarzenegger and Darth Maul would be like.

War Of the Outer Planets (LEGO)


The main problem with this toy is that, while there’s choking hazard for children under 3, no older child would want to be seen playing with such a blatant rip-off of Star Wars LEGO toys.

PenesamiG Batteries (Panasonic)


We feel like this is an anagram for something dirty, so we’ll just stop typing here.

Pirates of the High Seas (Pirates of the Caribbean)


They called it “Pirates of the High Seas” after realizing that calling it “Pie Rats of the Caribbean” wasn’t such a good idea.

Phone Kitty

Why the hell should I phone Kitty? She can phone me if she wants to. A hilarious rip off of Hello Kitty in toy phone version.

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