The Scariest Yet Tastiest Dexter Cake Ever Made

How to celebrate the beginning of the eighth and final season of Showtime’s TV Show Dexter? Well, by making a cake that falls perfectly in line with the murderous themes of the show.

Food artist Annabel de Vetten made a full-sized Dexter cake, wrapped under plastic, in the same way Dexter usually deals with his victims (who deserve it, according to Harry’s Code).

Dexter Cake

Dexter Cake II

Dexter Cake III

What’s underneath? Well in order to find that out, you have to first decapitate poor Dexter, who actually might end up this way according to some fans, with Karma often being a bitch.

Next stage? Cutting and slicing and dicing his face open, to discover a wonderful, tasty piece of baked goods hiding underneath, which looks quite weird and freaky on a plate.

Dexter Cake IV

Dexter Cake V

Eating Dexter

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For more of Annabel de Vetten’s art, which isn’t limited to cakes only, check out her website.