7 Disney Men Without Their Beards

What is a man without a beard? Instead of manly symbol of Grizzlyness, he becomes into a soft, fragile version of his former self.

Does the same rule apply to kings and bearded men from the Disney films? Well, it depends on the facial features, but there’s no doubt that some of them look a lot less formidable than they do with hair on their face.

King Kashekim Nedakh From Atlantis: The Lost Empire

King Kashekim Nedakh

Merlin From The Sword in the Stone

Merlin — The Sword in the Stone

Scar From the Lion King

Scar from the Lion King

The Emperor From Mulan

The Emperor From Mulan

The Sultan From Aladdin

Sultan Aladdin


Triton From the Little Mermaid


Zeus From Hercules

Zeus From Hercules



If you want to know how to get your own very cool beard, specifically like the one Gimli the Dwarf from Lord of the Rings has, check out this DIY.