Replaceable Disposable Thumb Drives

Their affordability makes them replaceable, but losing them can make life quite inconvenient. Luckily, we might not have to worry about that any longer.I hate it when I lose a USB thumb drive. It seems like a waste of money, and I always wonder if there was something important on there. Usually, it’s quite empty as I clear it out as often as I can, but I can’t help but ruminate for a bit about what was on there. Nonetheless, it’s a relief that Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich of the Art Lebedev Studio created this nifty little gadget: a disposable thumb drive.

Disposable Thumb Drive

The disposable thumb drive is made of cardboard, which means that losing it isn’t costly. It’ll probably be sold for quite a cheap amount money, even relative to other types of USB drives (which aren’t exactly the most expensive things in the world). In fact, it can probably be recycled! It’s also quite small and slim, and will probably fit in wallets, pencil cases, and various other containers of sorts very neatly. This also does make it very easy to lose, though.

An essential feature of this disposable USB drive would be a button that automatically erases data from the drive. Given how it’s likely to be tossed out, I’d prefer for my data to not be at risk and end up in the wrong hands. Conversely, a password could be added, but I’d prefer the first option if I knew sensitive data was going to be carried on there.

Also, the USB drive itself is made of recyclable biodegradable cardboard, which certainly makes it less durable than that Titanium USB drive from Sandisk. This could be a bit risky, especially when it comes to housing essential data for that presentation that could change your life, or the document that absolutely can’t be replaced.

Disposable Thumb Drive

I guess ultimately, I wouldn’t trust the disposable thumb drive with my important data. I wouldn’t consider it the carrier appropriate of carrying one-of-a-kind files, or the files of utmost importance. However, I do think that this disposable thumb drive could target a pretty strong niche market and make its way into the mainstream.

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Via: AllUSB and Incredible Things