28 Typography Designs for the Star Wars Fanatic

Few franchises have achieved such a cult status of Star Wars. The popular series has gone beyond the crazy geek world to become an ultimate art inspiration. While there are many highly intellectual and impossible-to-understand schools of art, the digital age has made typography widely accepted and appreciated among geeks. Look at 28 amazing Star Wars typography artworks below, you will understand why.

Stormtrooper Typography

There are many factors that made up the success of Star Wars, and the iconic Stormtrooper soldiers of the dark side must be a huge part of it. No wonder why there are so many beautiful artworks dedicated to them.


Image Source: Fabian Gzlez


Image Source: Ed Cowburn


Image Source: Tind

Darth Vader Typography

One of the most memorable movie characters of all time, Darth Vader doesn’t need to show his face to impress us. The emotionless mask, the signature dark suit and the wheezing breath are too much for an impression.


Image Source: Fabian Gzlez


Image Source: Carl Mitchell


Image Source: Offernandinhoon


Image Source: Star Wars Image Blog


Image Source: Bakageta-koto


Image Source: Skahfee


Image Source: Fleuraime


Image Source: Etrav689


Image Source: Offernandinhoon

Yoda Typography

A Jedi master, a knight leader, plus a unforgettably quirky personality, Yoda has every reason to be honored in the most beautiful typography masterpieces.


Image Source: Oh-tea


Image Source: Bakageta-koto

Boba Fett Typography

Despite his limited appearance during the series, Boba Fett seems to have done an incredibly good job to win over the heart of Star Wars fans, making him one of the most famous bounty hunters of all time.


Image Source: Fabian Gzlez


Image Source: Mikechum


Image Source: Skahfee

Princess Leia Typography

Behind every war there is a beautiful woman, and behind Star Wars there is Princess Leia. The series would probably lose half of its appeal without the presence of the beautiful princess.


Image Source: Thecotanak


Image Source: Carl Mitchell

C-3PO and R2-D2 Typography


It would be unfair to mention Star Wars without the loyal droids that made everything happen. Without them, Princess Leia wouldn’t be saved, Luke Skywalker wouldn’t find Ben to become a Jedi, and the story wouldn’t be told. The C-3PO and R2-D2 typography is a wonderful tribute to the droids.

Darth Maul Typography


The main antagonist of “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”  with all his evil is rightfully depicted in this Darth Maul typography.

The Codes of the Force Typography


Good or evil? Power or peace? The Sith or the Jedi? Darth Vader or Yoda? The message of the Codes of the Force typography is clear: There is nothing in between, you have to pick your side.

Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader Typography


Julie Wiens chose another way to depict the classic battle between the two sides of the Force. A Star Wars lightsaber fight scene between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker was done completely in typography.

Return of the Jedi Typography


Skahfee wanted to design something for the walls to pay homage to the original Star Wars trilogy, and the result was the Death Star Mk II created entirely out of the screenplay to “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”.

AT-AT Typography


The snow walker that helped the Galactic Empire attack the Rebel Alliance on the planet Hoth reappears bold and brawny in the typography design Eleven38.

Star Wars Characters Typography Ads




To cultivate the popularity of Star Wars, H-57 – a Milan-based design and advertising agency – has decided to bring artistic renditions of different Star Wars icons including Stormtrooper, Yoda and Darth Vader into their typography ad campaigns.

Bonus: Star Wars Alphabet




Assuming that kids learn to love Star Wars before they learn to read, Emma and Brandon Peat has come up with a brilliant Star Wars alphabet to help kids learn to read in an easier way. A is for Ackbar, F  is for Fett, H is for Han Solo, M is for Mara Jade, O is for Obi-Wan, etc. Things don’t get cute than this.