DIY Beer Keg BBQ Barrel Made Without Welding

When it comes to barbecue grills that can be assembled and taken apart in a matter of minutes, nothing is better than one that was made out of a beer keg.

Ireland is not particularly known for hot weather, but when Instructables user limer_10 got there, it definitely looked like there was nothing to protect them anymore from the burning Sun. If you’re on vacation and there are 30 degrees (Celsius, not Fahrenheit) outside, is there anything left to do besides drinking beers and grilling sausages? People brave enough to finish drinking a beer keg on their own (or eventually with company) can proceed to repurposing the keg into a BBQ barrel, much like this Instructables member did.

As electric saws and drills are to be used extensively when setting up this barbecue barrel, people should be concerned about their safety. The author of this Instructable made use of a balaclava helmet, goggles and gloves. Pay attention to what pants you are wearing while working on this barrel, as synthetic fibers can be extremely flammable.

The next step is to cut the beer keg. It may be necessary to drill a hole in it first, so that the pressure is released. A small angle grinder with a skinny blade should get the job done quickly. You may have to use multiple blades, as the stainless steel is not easy to cut.

Burning off the inside of the keg is sufficient for sterilizing it. Let it cool down for a few hours. Next, you can proceed to attaching two stainless hinges, so that the barbecue barrel can be opened or closed easily. This is where the drills will be needed.

The sides of an old sink were used for the barbecue grate, while the bottom of an old cooker was used for the bottom grate. Next, this DIY enthusiast attached a handle to the upper side of the barrel and short chains to the sides, so that the BBQ sits in position when used. For the stand, he used the frame of a dog house, but if you don’t have one of these handy, you are free to improvise.

All in all, this DIY beer keg BBQ barrel might not win any design contests, but it stands to prove that people can get quite creative when the cravings strike.

For more pictures and detailed instructions on how to make your own beer keg BBQ barrel, please check the Instructables page of the project.

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