The Arcane Arcade table brings retro & tech arcades together

Arcade cabinets are awesome, if a bit bulky, so here’s a way to bring all your arcade-gaming love into a coffee table sized PC that’s sure to win you over.


Everyone loves classic games, and many of us still remember the golden days of arcades. Hitting up the quarter-munching classics, and some of the newer generation of arcade coin-gobblers. The biggest problem has always been bringing that experience home; you could purchase an arcade board, build a cabinet and just start the whole experience over from home, but that would usually limit you to just one game.

Further along the line you’d find the ever popular MAME cabinets, giving you a bit of DIY flavor by merging a PC into a home made wood cabinet, painted on and giving you access to hundreds of games all in one convenient location.


So what makes the Arcane Arcade special? It’s literally an all-in-one deal, no TV necessary, no drilling, sawing and painting, not even a computer. This PC table gives you access to a terabyte of disk space, four gigs of RAM, a 27 inch LCD panel, and of course, retro-styled joysticks and buttons. It comes pre-installed with Windows 7 and a custom front-end for running MAME roms and some classic Atari, Midway and Taito arcade classics, and with plenty of style to spruce up your geeky living room.

Now the $6000 price tag may seem a little hefty, and one could argue that the price of the electronics come nowhere close to justifying such a high price, the work that’s gone into making this PC table a reality is nothing but impressive. So if you’re a gamer with deep pockets, and this may just save you the months on ends of building cabinetry, and giving you the option of sliding in a bit of retro, without losing the style into your living room

Source: Geekalerts

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