DIY: Black Olive Penguin

Diana Adams from bitrebels, thought that Black Olive Penguin are a common appetizer and that everybody knows how to make them. Once she realized that its not the case she decided that she will write a post about it and teach us all how to make these edible birds.

You’ll only need 5 things to make these cute penguin appetizer:


  • Big black olives
  • Little black olives
  • Cream cheese
  • Carrots
  • Toothpicks


  1. Cut the carrot to small circles, and cut from each circle a corner to make the feet, keep the corner you just cut for the beak as seen on step 5
  2. Cut the big olives as seen in the picture – that will make our penguin body
  3. Fill the big olive with the cream cheese
  4. We are almost there – use the toothpicks to connect the carrot , the body , and place another little olive as a head
  5. Use the remainder carrot corner you have from step 1 to cut a beak and the place it on the upper olive (the head) as seen in the pictures.

That’s it you are all done! I hope your Penguin Olive turned as beautiful as Diana’s.