Space Invaders Blanket Turns Retro Game into Warmth Wrap

A woman has recently started knitting a Space Invaders inspired quilt for her nephew and it’s shaping up to be something wonderful.

The quilter, a certain Elizabeth Hartman, recently asked her six year old nephew what sort of a quilt he would like for his bed spread. The little guy apparently asked for a Batman quilt, but Hartman decided to go for something a little more retro, and quilt appropriate.

Inspired by a smaller Space Invaders prints she recently acquired (yes, that is a cat next to it. It’s that small) she’s started drawing up plans and cutting fabric squares in preparations for the project.

She used graph paper to start marking out how she plans on shaping the Space Invaders, since the squares on the graph pad are perfectly suited for sketching out tiny invading pixelated monsters. Instead of going with the exact same designs that the print used for their Space Invaders, Hartman decided to play around a little bit and come up with her own invaders.

The quilt will be made using a Kona Pepper, near-black, background with some fun Turquoise, Chartreuse and Aloe colors to give the Space Invaders some life.

Just to get a better glimpse of how much work is going into the project, know this: it’s no simple knitting feat like a scarf. The quilt she is piecing together will essentially be a super-sized array of Space Invaders. She cut over 1600 squares for the background alone, nevermind how many squares she will have to cut for the invaders.

Unfortunately, at the time of this article, her quilt hasn’t been completed yet, but here’s hoping that she posts some pictures once it’s done.

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