Do-It-Yourself MacBook Dye Project

Here’s a project where you can turn your vanilla-looking MacBook into a bright eye-popping computing standout.

MacBook Dye DIY Image 1

Dyeing eggs for Easter?! Pssh – that’s so, like, 2011. What’s really the “hotness” right now with the cool kids – of which I know plenty – is dyeing Macbooks wild colors using off-the-shelf fabric dye, just like the modding done by Internet hacker-alias, The Brain – no relation to the genius cartoon mouse with world-dominating aspirations… at least I don’t think so.

By using RIT fabric dye, The Brain (narf!) was able to give his white polycarbonate MacBook an extremely kick-ass new paint job of orange and black. A process which is by no means is as simple as it sounds folks – it actually requires taking apart the MacBook in whole, sanding its pieces (which I’ll explain why soon enough), boiling them, and lastly applying the toxic color dye, which has the nasty habit of sticking everywhere – and I mean everywhere.

MacBook Dye DIY Image 2

MacBook Dye DIY Image 3

Now the reason why The Brain (double narf!) opted to sand the case of their MacBook was to remove the glossy protective layer – without this step the dying job can take much longer, and could resist the dye from attaching onto the shell. The Brain does strongly note that you don’t necessarily need to take this route when attempting to dye your own MacBook, yet I’m certain from their perspective, it sure does help.

Another potential mishap in dying your Macbook is the risk of cracking or deforming its parts due to exposure to heat (remember the boiling part in the equation to this project), so please, unless you don’t depend solely on your Macbook, and seriously don’t mind getting messy – both with taking apart the laptop and subjecting it to toxic dye & heat – do not attempt. I repeat: do not attempt if that’s the case. Got it? Good.

MacBook Dye DIY Image 4

Leave it to modding daredevils like The Brain (final narf!) to boldly leap into the dangers of MacBook dyeing. I’m sure for some that won’t be fully possible, if that’s the case, then visit The Brain’s blog to see their highly detailed step-by-step guide and requirements. As for the rest of us “play-it-safe Joes,” keep it here on Walyou and check out these 20 Dark Knight inspired cars, along with this awesome Steampunk cosplay of the DC Comic’s character, The Flash.