To The Batmobile! 20 Dark Knight Inspired Cars

Fantasizing about the Batmobile is something all of us are guilty about, as who doesn’t want to take a ride in something so unapologetically sexy?

As you know, that on July 20, 2012, the Dark Knight will rise, but there is still time for Batman and his cronies to take Gotham City by storm. Hence, we have made the waiting game sweeter by listing our favorite concept cars that remind us of the iconic Batmobile. Believe us, the Cape Crusader would approve in his inimitable brooding style.

The Peugeot H Car Concept

 The Knight Hybrid Sportscar

The Honda Zeppelin Will Make The Dark Knight Drool

 The Batmobile From A GM V8 Crate Motor

 The Batmobile by Matt Gould

 The Aqos Le Mans

The Aero-8 Concept Car

Retro Chevy Chevelle Batmobile Concept

The Lamborghini Ankonian Concept

 The Jaguar C-XC

Gym Car Concept by Da Feng

 The GT by Citroen

Dark Knight Rises Batmobile Concept

 BMW X 9 Concept by Khalfi Oussama

 Batmobile Concept by Robert Glowczak

Batmobile Concept by Phil Moo

 Batmobile Concept by Gage Singh

 Audi Batmobile Concept

 Audi AG Concept by Jason Battersby

 The Peugeot EX1 Concept Car