Awesome Steampunk Flash Cosplay

Flash was created in 1940, years after the Victorian times. Yet, geeks love to give pop culture icons a steampunk treatment, and with Flash, it just fits so right.

This version of the Flash was found on Ani-Mia‘s facebook profile, although we first heard of it from our pals at fashionablygeek. Enjoy this rendition of the fastest man on Earth meeting Jules Verne type fiction. Congratulations to the cosplayer himself (we don’t know his name, but we’d gladly edit this to include it) for pulling this off!


The Steampunk Flash retains the yellow/red color scheme, but has a couple of really great details that give it a distinct edge. Just the boots and helmet make the work feel really cool and polished, while the belts and stuff make him look like he could fit seamlessly into most JRPG’s with a Steampunk setting. He’d attack before anyone else, though, which might be sort of unfair.

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