DIY Death Star Ornaments: Have A Dark Side Christmas!

For this Christmas, we wish for all citizens of the Empire to have a happy holidays without any rebel attacks. That’ll be easier now that the Death Star exists, right?

death star Ornaments 1

This is a fun little project by Craftycounterpart: to turn regular, boring Christmas ornaments for a Christmas tree into Death Stars, for all of us Empire citizens that fear those pesky Rebels and Jedi. It’s a symbol of our safety!

death star Ornaments 2

These Death Stars also light up in the dark thanks to a couple LEDs in its interior. We’re not sure if it features that one hatch that is totally not a weak point, in case any Rebel scum reads this.

death star Ornaments 2

There’s a tutorial explaining this step by step at Instructables, so go and check that out. Also, check out Nerdgasmo, our cuates who provided us with this incredible lead.

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