Doorway to Secrets: DIY Door-top Stash

Everybody’s got something to hide. Whether it’s secret papers, wads of cash, or that embarrassing photo of you dressed as a sexy Pikachu from last year’s DragonCon, there are some things we don’t anybody else in the world to get their hands on.

Sure, you could put that stuff in a safe deposit box at your local bank, but what if Glenn Beck is right and society is just one more gay wedding away from total collapse? If the walls come down and everything goes to heck, you’re not going to be able to drop by your local branch to withdraw your assets. Whatever you’ve got on you is all you’re going to have.

For those reasons, it makes sense to have a little something squirreled away closer to home. A home safe is probably your best bet, but a good one can run you thousands of dollars. Well, don’t worry. If you don’t want to spend a lot of cash but still want a secure place to stash your goods, the answer may be no further away than one of the many doors in your house.

Sean Michael Ragan has come up with an ingenious little trick that anyone with a couple bucks and a tiny bit of DIY knowhow can set up in an hour or two. It’s called the door safe, and it’s a great way for anyone to keep something secret well hidden. Accessed from the top of the door, it’s tucked away far from prying eyes. Even a thorough search by trained professionals isn’t likely to check the top of a door. You can sleep safely knowing that no matter how bad things get in the world, your precious stuff (well, the stuff small enough to fit in a 6 inch canister at least, is safe and sound between the thin pressboard of one your interior doors. That is, of course, unless the people who search your place have also read this post. Then it’s the first place they’d look.