Media Speaker Stand MS430 from Sony Ericsson [Hands on Review]

Sony Ericsson has recently introduced the Media Speaker Stand MS430, which is a portable accessory for music enthsiasts that is easy to carry, use and enjoy.

sony ericsson ms430 media speaker stand image

As soon as we got our hands on the MS430 Speaker Stand, we were awed by its miniature size and looks. It is a sleek looking silver cylinder that is easy to carry around, extremely portable, and does not get in the way, takes up much space or makes it a hassle to bring an external speaker with you. With the minimal size, the Sony Ericsson MS430 is also not difficult to hook up. Within seconds, you could be listening to your music (or movies) from your smartphone.

sony ericsson ms430 media speaker stand

To begin, you pull out the cylinder within its own tube to see the section for batteries to be inserted. Moreover, if held at the correct spot, you also divulge a 3.5mm jack which is to hook the speaker to your phone or portable media player. As you twist it on its spot, the jack now is moved to the front and when a smartphone is plugged in, also works as a portable stand.

sony ericsson ms430 media speaker stand image 1

As you play music and other media, you immediately realize the great sound coming out of this portable speaker. It is not a professional dock and one must still remember its extremely portable size, but for what its worth, it delivers to your needs. You may be using it within your tent, on a desktop, to bring along for a car ride or other close needs. It will not powerup your weekend party, but there are other solutions for such desires.

sony ericsson ms430 media speaker stand 1

There were a few spots we wish were a bit better. One is the batteries. It requires 3 AAA batteries to power up, and it would have been a godsent if it could be charged through the speaker by a mini USB plug or other means. It simply means that if you do end up using this for what its intentions are: portable size and sound, you would probably end up eating up the batteries rather quick. Secondly was the durability of the ‘inner’ tube. The inner cylinder opens up pretty easily without even needing to be pulled. It could have been the review unit we received, but it should have some form of locking mechanism on it to maintain being closed when not in use, so it won’t open up when in your bag or pocket.

sony ericsson ms430 media speaker stand 2

Still, We were highly impressed with the sound, portability and practicality of the MS430. It sounded great, transformed to a stand to hold your phone when used, and is extremely portable and practical to carry with you around.

sony ericsson ms430 media speaker stand 3

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