Cross the Galaxy in Your Handmade Millennium Falcon

If you’ve ever felt the need to make your own Millennium Falcon playset, now is your chance!

Millenium Falcon 7

This particular project is a bit advanced compared to the typical DIY, so you’ll need to be proficient with a saw and sander if you’d like to replicate this at home.  Many of the pieces used are random findings, but you could definitely approximate them with hardware/dollar store finds. For instance, the base of the ship is made of a round cutting board which is sanded into the right shape. A plastic microwave shield becomes the removable top of the ship, while a section of PVC pipe and elbow joint will serve as the cargo bay ramp.

Millenium Falcon 1

Once you have the basics, form the two prongs that go at the front of the ship and screw/glue them down to the base. The internal structure is made of the cover of a CD spindle with four 2″ boards screwed on at equal distances. If the cover no longer fits over the ship, you’ll need to sand  down the walls a bit more.

Millenium Falcon 2

Because cutting out doors in the plastic of the spindle cover might destroy its shape, the creator – Paul Bo – had the awesome idea of masking off four “doorways” and painting the rest white, so that there appear to be four doors leading to the center of the Millennium Falcon.

Millenium Falcon 3

The details on the top of the ship are simply round pieces of wood and bottle caps painted to match the rest of the ship.

Millenium Falcon 4

The PVC elbow and pipe need to be sawed down so that the entry faces forward and the corridor is long enough and angled for easy attachment to the base; the air freshener transforms into the cover of the cargo bay ramp.

Millenium Falcon 5

Once you have all the pieces assembled and painted uniformly, all that’s left is to get yourself some figurines of the main cast of Star Wars. If you don’t want to make your own peg toys like the ones in this DIY project, you could just paint Lego men to resemble the characters.

Millenium Falcon 6

There are plenty of other resources to look at if you’re interested in making the legendary bounty hunter’s ship. To start, there’s the official Lego Millennium Falcon, which looks just as fun to build as the one featured here. There’s also a papercraft version to make, which would also be a blast to put together. The downside to those two, however, is that you can’t really open them up to play with.

Millenium Falcon 0

You could always buy the official Star Wars licensed toy, but unless you have $150 burning a hole in your pocket, this DIY version is probably your best bet.