Serving Up A Smorgasbord Of Nintendo Sketches

Cory Godbey, an American illustrator living in South Carolina is best known for his series of illustrations called “Bit And Run” first seen on the website Geek-Art. The series consists of cute caricatures and hilarious multi-panel comics of some of Nintendo’s most famous characters including Mario, Link and even one of Samus Aran. If you’ve seen the pictures before and have been patiently waiting to get your Mountain Dew soaked paws on them, then I have two glorious words for you: Etsy Shop. That’s right, you can now remove all of those old Nintendo-Power center folds from your wall and replace them with cool and original fan-art.

The Last Straw

The illustrations are all incredible and sketched only in pencil. This one here shows a more realistic representation of Link carrying all of his itemz.

Link Meets Mario

Yes, you no longer have to play Super Smash Brothers to see Mario and Link face-to-face.

Existential Crisis

Once Mario’s trounced all the baddies on screen, sometimes he’ll just stop and stare vacantly at the sky, in awe, and think about how small he is.


There are also a bunch of sketches of Pokemon that weren’t included in the “Bit and Run” series. This is my personal favorite, the earth-mother underdog, Bulbasaur. Trust me, he’ll make the first two gyms a breeze guys.


Here’s a supah kawaii picture of Squirtle drinking … his own saliva.

Panicked Mario

This picture is a reference to Super Mario Bros. 2 when you’re forced to pick up those keys and creepy floating faces start chasing you. The look on Mario’s face and the beads of sweat flying from his pores are actually those of the player, when he/she realizes how fast those disturbed faces can move.


Mario will sometimes take a break from rescuing the princess in order to play Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for Game Boy.

Link and Navi

I’m going to leave you guys with this epic picture of Link picking up the master sword with his confidant Navi by his side. Triforce FTW.

If you’d love one or all of the sketches for yourself, check out Cory’s Etsy Shop. He has a bunch of other fantasy, Alice In Wonderland-esque and non-Nintendo artwork as well.

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Via: Geek-Art