DIY Pulse Laser Gun Is Compact and Deadly

Video games and science-fiction movies have always upheld the idea of using laser technology in one way or another. Most sci-fi movies involve a laser weapon that can annihilate the enemy.

Most video games come with laser weapons that could help the player to defeat his enemy easily. The geek world seems to be obsessed and attracted to laser in a morbid fashion mostly due to its destructive power. Of course, laser technology can be and already has been used in medical field, heavy industries and other areas of modern life.

A laser-freak has now built a Pulse Laser Gun on his own, and that too in an astoundingly short period of time. It took him just 70 hours to build the DIY Pulse Laser Gun with the help of Plexi, brass and aluminium. The gun comes with a small pulse laser head which can deliver a kW-pulse of coherent infra-red light.

A shot of this laser can pierce through razorblades, plastic, and even 5mm of styrofoam. Of course, it can be used to hurt people as well, and you should certainly be not aiming the gun at someone’s eyes for they can truly go blind. The DIY Pulse Laser Gun is compact as well, and weighs just about 2 pounds. If you have any children at home, it would be advisable not to build a gun like this, as accidents can and do happen.

Meanwhile, lasers can be used constructively as well and it needn’t be used as a weapon always, like I mentioned earlier. You could also take a look at this menacing DIY Laser Slingshot. The James Bond Laser Gun is yet another DIY device, with a little glamour associated with 007. If you would like to use laser for other constructive purposes, you could try to get yourself the DIY Laser Home Security.

Via: Hacked Gadgets