HulkBoy Sculpture by Garage Works Industries

The HulkBoy is incarnated in a fiberclass form, and he doesn’t look too pleased.Everyone’s familiar with the Incredible Hulk. Whether he’s Bruce Banner or his green alter ego, we all know his story and we know what he’s about. We know that the poor guy probably is misunderstood and everyone thinks he’s got one heck of a temper tantrum. But what the heck is the HulkBoy?!

As I sought the answer to this question, I was led to the conclusion that he’s merely a creation of artist Ron English. I mean, Hulk boy doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page or a Marvel entry! Let’s have a look at how his fiberglass statue looks though, and forget about his lack of fictional existence for a minute.

Hulkboy Statue

HulkBoy looks very real right about now. Garage Works Industries created this 22″ statue, which means it is quite sizable and probably almost to real scale. I’m not sure how old this boy is supposed to be, but seeing as how he doesn’t have much hair I’m assuming that he is probably quite a young one!

Hulkboy Statue

The statue itself is of HulkBoy focusing on something that he seems quite rattled about. I’m a bit surprised how well Garage Works pulled this off, because an angry baby typically doesn’t match very well with a developed human body. Nonetheless, they scaled it very well and added many details, such as veins and the neck lines. I’m quite impressed with the work, although it does seem a bit disturbing (and intimidating!).

HulkBoy Poster

The statue seems to be based on this painting of HulkBoy, which is quite interesting. Credits to Garage Works for doing such a great job transferring the visual art into a three-dimensional statue form, details and all. What’s fascinating is the American flag shaped pattern at the back, which actually consists of red and white tinted comic strips from the Hulk. Similarly, the corner contains a slight overlay of the stars and blue square of the American flag.

If you’ve got a bundle of money and you really love the HulkBoy statue, it is selling for around $15,000. Get ’em quick! At the time of writing, there were only three left on the market. Each statue will be numbered and signed by Ron English.

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Via: Popaganda and Garage Works Industries