A Gorgeous Steampunk Guitar You Can Build On Your Own

The coolest thing about guitars is that they not only changed the face of music, but they are visually appealing as well. This allows the discerning artist or modder to try various creative ideas to build guitars.

Modder Phil has taken loads of pain to build a Steampunk Guitar that is almost futuristic in nature. The guitar looks transparent and you could see the insides of the music instrument in a way that might surprise you.

The insides of the guitar resemble the clockwork of a watch, or the tourbillion. Of course, not in the real sense, but it sort of reminds you of the way a watch looks when you rip it open. Phil gives a detailed account of how he used various boards, decals, tru-oil, wood, silver and various other metals to build this gorgeously beautiful Steampunk Guitar. Phil’s idea was to laminate several layers of acrylic in order to produce the body.

However, things did turn out to be a little different in the end. He suggests using a dremel based router table to support your master template, if you plan to build a guitar like this yourself. Phil did encounter many problems during the construction of the Steampunk Guitar but the results are totally amazing, as proven by the pictures.

If you would like to build a guitar like this yourself, you could read his step-by-step account of how he built the guitar and how best it would be for you to consider the best materials, techniques and such other tips. You could also take a look at the Nautilus and Villanizer Guitar, the Steampunk Art Guitar and the Steampunk Electric Guitar if you are fond of music. You also have the option of building a new one right from the scratch! So go ahead, and start making some awesome music!

Via: Steampunk Workshop