Awesome Geek-Culture Neon Signs

Sadly, neon signs aren’t seen much anymore, and those that we do see are often relics of decades past. With these neon sign animated images, they’re suddenly cool again, in a geeky way. Artist Mr Whaite designed these really slick animated .gifs to look much like the neon signs of old, and NerdApproved is right in that they’d look awesome over a bar. They’ve quickly become popular, no doubt due to his choice of subject matter: a variety of films beloved by many geeks.

A New Hope Neon Sign

Empire Strikes Back Neon Sign

Return of the Jedi Neon Sign

His first trilogy of images is based on the original Star Wars trilogy. The one for A New Hope features R2-D2 playing his recorded message of Princess Leia, a choice which works really well for the style. The Empire Strikes Back’s animation is of two AT-ATs walking across the terrain of Hoth and firing red lasers. As someone who thinks AT-ATs are one of the coolest vehicle designs ever (if one of the most impractical), I really love this one. Return of the Jedi’s sign is somehow even more awesome, however, as it features the scene where Emperor Palpatine is blasting Luke with about 20,000 volts. Darth Vader stands in the background, looking left and right, his neon light changing from red to blue as he weighs what decision to take.

Pulp Fiction Neon Sign

Back to the Future Neon Sign

Ghostbusters Neon Sign

As great as the Star Wars designs are, Whaite didn’t stop there, so here are three more that I think are particularly well-done. Pulp Fiction’s features the movie title in its familiar font while Uma Thurman and John Travolta get their dance on. Back to the Future also features the title look we know and love, along with the spinning OUTATIME license plate amidst the flames from the literally burning rubber of the tires. Last, but not least, is one for Ghostbusters, with Slimer being wrangled by two of the titular characters. This animation could even work as a sign outside the Ghostbusters building, advertising their services. For even more pop culture art, be sure to check out our articles on these Star Wars Family Portraits and a LEGO Ghostbusters Display.