Looking for a summer project? Love Dr. Who? We found something great for you to do!

This summer project took one Dr. Who fan around 15 hours of work to complete, including the waiting time for the glue and paint to dry. This is a totally easy DIY, since all of the supplies used to build this TARDIS bookcase can be purchased at a place like Home Depot and cost around $60.

Before you begin you’ll need to take some measurements , in the pictures below you can find the proper measurements you’ll need to complete this bookcase plus instruction on how exactly to achieve the TARDIS look, btw cutting the boards might be possible to do in the place you’ll buy your supplies so make sure to ask.

This is how it should look after you cut all the wood properly and putting them all together. At first it looks like a simple bookcase, but after adding some TARDIS features (as seen in the second image), your bookcase should transform pretty easily to a TARDIS.

The two final touches of course to complete the Dr. Who look is to paint it all in blue and to add an alarm light. Our guy used a PVC pipe connected to a pipe cap to achieve just that.

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