How to Build a Treasure Finder

Most of us have played ‘treasure hunt’ sometime in our lives when we were kids. The game is fun just because it involves looking for something that is assumed to be precious.

With that in mind, here is a DIY Treasure Finder that detects metal pieces in its vicinity. Only,. I am sure it would be less gold and more iron or some alloy of a cheaper metal, as it really isn’t possible to find precious metals in your backyard. Coming to the actual Treasure Finder device, you could build one yourself with the help of all the instructions given at MakeProjects.

You would need to purchase hardwood dowel, a threaded PVC pipe connector, resistors, capacitors, magnet wires, a speaker, a potentiometer, audio jack, headphones, batteries and a few other miscellaneous items that are listed on the DIY instructions page. You might also want to make sure that you have a laser printer, a soldering iron and certain other tools before starting on this project.

It does seem quite tedious, and may take a long time to build it but when you assemble all that is mentioned above and follow the instructions to build your Treasure Finder, I am sure the results are going to be pretty impressive. You could walk around your neighbourhood looking important and geeky, trying to find a treasure where all that you might find are iron nails. I pity those neighbours who would have to listen to all the screeching and whirring noises that the treasure finder would make each time it would detect a metal piece.

It is a great toy to build and to play with, if you are an adolescent or if you have kids at home. I wouldn’t be quite sure why an adult would want to use this Treasure Finder himself or herself. You could also take a look at other DIY projects like the Laser Slingshot, DIY Flight Simulator and the DIY Earthquake Detector. I am sure these projects will keep you occupied during the lengthy winter breaks.

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