DIY: The Awesome Star Wars Snowflakes

We love when geeky things combine with traditional holiday elements. May the force be with you this holiday season!

One of the traditions that often gets overlooked, but when done always looks great is creating snowflakes as a form of decoration. It’s a simple process that can easily put your holidays decorations one step above from the rest, with low effort required but a huge profit in terms of visual look. And, as any aspect of life, it can be greatly enhanced by adding a geeky twist to it. Introducing now, more Star Wars snowflakes.


These look so good that our homes might end up looking like a Wampa’s den. Let’s make it snow!

Admiral Ackbar Snowflake


It’s definitely not a trap: we really want your snowflakes to look this cool, and you can find the template to make this here.

Ahsoka Tano Snowflake


One of the most beloved Padawans in the expanded universe gets some love too. We know more than one geek would like to give her some love. Find the diagram here.

C-3PO Snowflake


Our favorite golden robot is also included in this collection. That’s fine, we’re cool with comedic relief, and the movies just wouldn’t be the same without him and his goofiness. Find the diagram to recreate him here.

Scout Trooper Snowflake


It doesn’t matter if it never snows in Endor! (maybe in the poles, though?). We still think the Scouts have some of the best looking armor in the franchises. Recreate this snowflake using the diagram seen here.

Yoda Snowflake


This snowflake like you will. Recreate it or don’t, there is no try. The diagram here found can be.

Boba Fett Snowflake


The second coolest mercenary in the series (sorry, we just can’t get over any role Harrison Ford plays) shows up with a minimalist but kickass design. Recreate it using the diagram here.

Clone Trooper Snowflake


We could definitely use a couple clones to make this snowflakes. There are so many of them! And we like them all! Find the diagram here.

Stormtrooper Snowflake


Creating a Star Wars collection of anything and not having Stormtroopers would feel just wrong. We want to thank the creators for including them too! Find the diagram here.

Darth Vader Snowflake


It’s unbelievable how two terms that we’d have no idea of how to combine (“Darth Vader” and “snowflakes”) blend in so well in this creation. The Dark Lord of the Sith can be recreated with the diagram found here.

There are more holiday themed star wars posts for you, just a couple clicks away: More Star Wars Snowflakes and 16 Star Wars Snow Sculptures. Stay with us and enjoy the holidays!