Modder Turns Lenovo ThinkPad X1 into an Arcade Booth

A modder managed to turn his Lenovo ThinkPad X1 laptop into an awesome “Lenovo ArcadeDockX1” mod with USB gaming controls and a retro booth.

Seeing retro-style arcade booths really takes me back to when arcades were less of a rarity. There’s just something about them that yells awesomeness, and it’s not just the nostalgia talking. They were genuinely fun, and the set-up and feel of the controls was to die for.

lenovo thinkpad arcade booth mod

According to our source, a certain modder named Dean Liou, decided to combine the power of a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 with an oldschool arcade gaming booth to create what he calls the “Lenovo ArcadeDockX1”.

The arcade dock houses the laptop inside, with the 15″ laptop screen being used for the display. Attached through USB cables are a flight stick and a throttle, turning the whole booth into the ideal home flight sim arcade. As well, Liou made provisions to have his smartphone dock into the booth as well. Easily within reach, he can check his messages and take calls without having to interrupt his gameplay time.

Check out the lengthy video below to see what his modder has done and how well the whole thing performs.

In addition, Liou has a whole channel over at Youtube dedicated to this project, including the details of the planning, design and construction phases. It sounds like it could be a pretty feasible do-it-yourself mod for any avid handymen / gamer mixes out there.

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