DJ Cooker Drops the Beat on Your Favorite Dish

Music and cooking have always gone well together, but what if the two were combined in the same device. The following concept seems to be the best of two worlds.

I reckon this device will appeal more to people who are either into hip-hop or house music, as rock aficionados such as myself are rather accustomed to listening to our vinyl discs in other settings. Besides, the designer of the product himself thinks that food cooked with this device would go well with hip-hop.

While cooking with music in the background is very enjoyable, you should make sure that the others like it as much as you do, if you happen to cook in someone’s company. Kevin Li Jinhui, the interactive designer who is behind the DJ Cooker concept, focuses mostly on user experience design and judging by his impressive portfolio, I’d say he does a really good job. More information about this particular concept is available after the following series of pictures.

As seen in the picture, the concept includes three different parts. First, there is the heater plate on which the second component sits, namely the  dedicated pan. The controller is designed as an extension of the heater plate. After placing the food in the pan and the pan on the heater plate, a song will start playing. Cooks will then have to tap the plate of the controller according to the rhythm of the song. As a result of this action, the pan will start moving on the heater plate. Shaking the pan while cooking is something everyone who is into cooking would recommend. The food is thus cooked evenly and the taste is obviously better. If you are into hip-hop and cooking, then this device should be something to look forward to.

Assuming that the device comes with some music preinstalled and that you do not like that particular music, the designer offers to possibility to download music from the Internet and play it on DJ Cooker. More than that, should this concept enter mass production, it would be available in a wide variety of colors. However, no matter how innovative and cool this concept looks, I seriously doubt that it will widely available. Even if it became reality someday, it would probably come with a very steep price tag.

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