Cool Master: A Bartender that Masquerades as a Robot

A lazy Sunday afternoon is never complete without a bottle of beer and we all know that there is nothing better than lying in your couch like dead meat and sipping on beer without moving your limb.

This comfort gets so addictive that sometimes even walking up to the refrigerator to fetch a bottle of beer seems like a herculean task. Innovation Thirst paid close attention to this occasional craving for unreasonable comfort and invented The Cool Master.

It is safe to say that the Cool Master is nothing but a bartender masquerading as a robot. Innovation Thirst came up with this innovation to participate in the famed Red Bull Creation Contest. This delivery system has made most beer lovers’ fantasy come true, and one couldn’t ask for a better way to get drunk than being served by a well-meaning robot.

Thanks to the Cool Master, you may veg out in your couch as much as you want to, without having to get up and go to the refrigerator to satiate your thirst as this nifty little system brings those beer bottles right to your couch, de-capped! It is a perfect aid to help you crawl into a sloth- like-state and stay put wherever you are.

The stunning bright light in its base and its clever design can easily make it pass off for a mini robot, which has been designed to be servile. Its base has six wheels that enable this machine to take a zero-radius turn and move over any kind of surface without turning turtle. The cooler, which forms the major portion of the robot, has a well hidden popper to de-cap and pop out bottles at your cue. The Cool Master is being controlled by a remote device and can be the best gift to anyone who loves getting drunk without moving an inch. You could also take a look at the Beer Can Robot, which was known for its cuteness. If you would like a foreign friend to drink with, get yourself the Japanese Beer-pouring Robot.