DJI Inspire 1 Records Pictures and Movies from Up Above

There are plenty of drones equipped with action cams out there, but none of them is quite like this one. The resolution, combined with the rotor that moves out of sight, makes this drone one of a kind.

The DJI Inspire 1 rotor, which is made out of carbon fiber, does not interfere in any way with the way you shoot photos or videos. This means that the 12MP photos captured with the lens made of 9 elements in 9 groups are nothing short of perfect. Add to that the fact that the drone can record video in 4K, and you have the ideal spying tool. The camera also offers support for Adobe DNG RAW, and this is a feature that shouldn’t be neglected by professional photographers.

“The spirit of the DJI Inspire 1 is found in the innovation, creativity, and determination that has lifted the human race from the ground to the sky. We’ve found ways, and we will continue to find ways, to achieve the impossible and break through to new worlds.

Flying indoors is easier than ever with Optical Flow technology that provides accurate position holding even when GPS is unavailable. The sensors determine your Inspire 1’s location and altitude and lower the legs automatically when landing.

Take complete control of your camera and flight system with a comprehensive mobile app. Everything from manual camera controls to flight telemetry and even auto takeoff and landing are just a tap away, with more functions and updates coming soon.”

There are multiple versions of the DJI Inspire 1, but considering that the cheapest most affordable one is $2,800, it’s anyone’s guess that people won’t step on each other’s toes to buy this drone. The steep price is partially justified by the great features, but somehow, that’s not enough.

For more details about how the drone works, head over to its official website. That’s where you will also find the various pricing schemes and what sets versions apart from one another.

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