Jumpy Puts Edutainment Around Your Kid’s Wrist

The right age for giving your kid a wearable is the subject of a lot of debate, but that didn’t stop Joyray Tech from developing Jumpy, a kids smartwatch that gives parents an extra eye.

When kindergarten children are away from their parents, both parties spend the entire day thinking of each other. But what if parents and kids could interact and communicate while they’re apart, without getting such devices as smartphones or tablets involved? Jumpy enables parents to be aware at all times of what their kid is doing. On top of that, this kids smartwatch improves the remote interaction of parents with their children.

According to Joyray Tech, Jumpy is the result of extensive work, but the result is definitely worth it:

“After months of research and late hours, our team has created JUMPY, an innovative and multi-functional smart watch for kids of age 5 to 8. It is an Android and iOS compatible device with Bluetooth connectivity and motion sensing technology that allows it to interact with other JUMPYs, iPhones, iPads and Bluetooth smart toys.

Unlike most of the kids’ smart watches out there, JUMPY does not only help parents keep tabs on their kids but also serves as a daily activity reminder, messaging tool, and wrist controller for Bluetooth toys like Sphero. It is packed with pre-loaded educational gaming apps that allow JUMPY to interact with other JUMPYs and compatible apps on iOS devices. It takes kids’ imagination to the next level.”

JUMPY is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where Joyray Tech is looking to raise $100,000 by December 17. Supposing that the project hits its funding goal, anyone who has pledge $99 ore more will get their set of JUMPY in March 2015. There are a lot of parents who could make use of such a gadget, and even though the price may seem steep at first, it is entirely justified by the features. After all, you don’t get to see every day a wearable made for kids.

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