Remoca Dog Food Bowl Camera Keeps an Eye on Your Pet

The following pet meal remote monitoring system might be one of the best gadgets for geeks that are not able to spend enough time with their pets.

This device couldn’t have been developed anywhere else but in Japan. That being said, let’s get to how the Remoca dog food bowl camera looks and functions. In terms of design, there is nothing special about this device. It features a whole-white body, with a detachable part that includes the camera and the two compartments for food. The other part of the device encompasses the water bowl and the water dispenser. Since the two food compartments are not that large, users can only but small treats for their pets. The cover of the compartments slides away when the it is meal time. As far as the water dispenser goes, you do not have to worry about your pet ever getting thirsty. The water bowl refills automatically, so the pooch can drink water whenever it feels the need for it.

Users are able to monitor their pet after installing the software that comes on the CD. After that, they can choose between three different platforms. The Remoca webcam can be accessed from PC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Japan Trend Shop claims that the pet can be monitored both on tablets or on smartphones, but the following video features only Apple products. The list of specifications mentions Android as one of the platforms compatible with the Remoca dog food bowl camera, so owners of tablets or smartphones running this OS are also targeted by the manufacturer of the device.

The lens of the camera is surrounded by infrared LEDs that enable pet owners to monitor their beloved creatures even at night. The device allows pet owners to save the video clips on micro SD cards, and even to record their voice, so it is played back when the pet needs to eat.

The Remoca dog food bowl camera will set people back $799, plus $39 for worldwide shipping. Despite its uniqueness, I am convinced that this is an enormous price that is not justified in any way by the design, nor by the functionality of this gadget. The Remoca dog food bowl camera combines a lot of features that might prove useful, but I am pretty sure the price could have been a lot lower than that.

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