The Donkey Kong Projection Wedding Cake Is Deliciously Geeky

When geeks get away with choosing the motif for a cake, wonderful stuff like this creation happens: here we have a cake inspired by the classic arcade game, Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong Wedding Cake

There are people getting married out there who are about 10 years younger than Donkey Kong, and that weirds us out, but at least it’s inspiring weddings such as this one. The crew at POSHdjs are the responsible for this creation, a classical white cake with NES games projections on top, namely Donkey Kong, and the not-as-well-known Dig Dug. You can see a video showing the full effect just below these lines.

We want to thank the When Geeks Wed team (who are the best blog about wedding and geeky things combined) for the lead on this story. You rock, guys.

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