Dosh Syncro iPhone Wallet Review

We pretty much take our iPhones everywhere we go, so it only makes sense to use our iPhone cases in as many ways we can.

Some cases will charge your phone while others will help you take better pictures, but I think that the most useful case is a wallet case, since it helps you to keep your valuables in one place and actually saves you the effort of carrying a bag or a purse.

Meet Syncro by Dosh the wallet your iPhone needs.  We got Dosh’s latest wallet the Syncro Range, to test out.

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First Impression

At first I thought that this case was only relevant for those who don’t like to carry a wallet but I was mistaken. A few days ago I was just about to take off to the gym, and since I’d rather not take my blocky wallet with me, I always take my credit card and some change in my pocket, but this time instead of my usual routine I used the Dosh’s Syncro case and it was just fantastic!  Sometimes when you are just on the go or you have some quick errands to do, its just simpler not to carry a bag and just take your keys, phone and some money. This is where this case comes in, using the Syncro you can do those little errands quickly. I never thought about a case wallet in this way before, and I’m glad that this experience taught me otherwise. Besides the obvious case functionality, the Syncro is a great case by itself: moulded in a super durable and water resistant TPU (which means that this case will last through many years of use and abuse), its 100% made from recyclable material, and you have a wide range of colors to choose from.


Features & Specifications You Should Know

This Australian case, is compatible with iPhone 5/5S , and will hold up to 6 card and cash. The case is well designed and made out of quality water resistant TPU material, it has a compact, streamlined shape and it comes in a pod style packaging.

Dosh iPhone wallet review

Bottom Line

The combination of a case and wallet is very functional, and when its executed is such a great way, its simply divine. This is an incredibly innovative way to carry your phone and money. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like to carry a wallet on a daily basis, or like me, on special occasions, you’ll love this product.  Get it here