SpiderBuds Sapphire, Amber & Jade Series: Hands-On Review

Finding the right balance for your on-the-go audio experience isn’t always as easy a feat as it may seem. Today, I am testing out three of the Spiderbuds earphones to see just how they compare.

Spiderbuds corded earbuds come in three different series with some varied features and sound quality.

spiderbuds sapphire series

Features for all three series:

  • In-line microphone & remote.
  • Track control.
  • Metal housing.
  • 10MM driver.
  • Passive noise cancelling.
  • Comfortable ear tips in three sizes, small, medium and large.


  • Frequency: 20HZ – 20KHz.
  • Impedance: 320 HMS.
  • Input Power: 5mW.
  • Max Output Power: 10mW.
  • Jack type: 3.2mm gold plated.
  • Driver: 10mm.

The Sapphire Series, retail cost $19.99

This series of Spiderbuds is the more basic of the three. They are metal earphones with noise cancelling, an in-line microphone, and an in-line remote that can save you from digging your device out of your pocket or bag.

The pair I received for testing had a black cord with red metallic cased earbuds. It also came with  the standard alternative sizes for a better fit. While these looked and felt fantastic to wear, the sound itself felt solid, but not stellar. However, it is a great bargain for the MSRP of just under $20 and is a strong competitor in that line.

spiderbud earbuds


  • Good all-around sound quality, even better with bass centric tones.
  • Selection of four different colors.


  • There is no volume control with the in-line mic & remote.
  • Has a standard cable.

The Amber Series, retail cost $24.99

Spiderbud’s Amber Series is their mid-priced option that offers a step up from their Sapphire Series. Like its two sister products, these are also noise-cancelling earbud headphones.

The pair of earphones I received from the Amber line for this hands-on review were nearly entirely black with gray earbud tips. The most useful element of the Amber Spiderbud in-ear headphones is the flat cord. All in all, this is a solid choice for price point.



  • Very good all-around sound quality.
  • Tested better than the other two series with vocals and voice, including listening to eLearning and using the earbuds with conversations on smartphone.
  • Has a flat cable.


  • There is no volume control with the in-line mic & remote.
  • Availability in only two different colors, including black.

The Jade Series, retail cost $29.99

The Jade Series is the top of the line for Spiderbuds earphones. Arriving in the cool green Alien-inspired packaging, the earbuds themselves were also green tipped with a metallic finish and black cord.

Aside from being noise cancelling, they are also well-equipped to be your choice for mobile use. These in-ear headphones feature an in-line microphone, as well as an in-line controller that allows you to adjust the volume, change tracks, and operate the basic functions of your phone calls.

This is a great value for the MSRP of just under $30.



  • Very good all-around sound quality.
  • Tested better than the other two series with country music and classic rock.
  • Has volume control with the in-line mic & remote.


  • Has a standard cable.
  • Availability in only two different colors, including black.
  • Cats may think it’s a toy and break the cord (true story).

How they were tested:

Everyone has different types of gadgets and uses for earbuds. They were tested on two different Android smartphones, three tablets, a Windows-based laptop, and even a desktop computer to ensure compatibility.

The recorded sounds came from iTunes, Google Play and YouTube and were tested with the following genres: Hip hop, Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, World, Classical, eLearning, downloaded movies and games.


One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen with earbuds is that some may fall apart if dropped or used too frequently. Keeping in mind the typical wear and tear for this type of product, each of the three series went through the same durability challenge. They were dropped, thrown, and placed on the bottom of a backpack filled with books. The second step was for continued usage, so they were placed in ear with removal by tugging or pulling. Upon completion, each set of earbuds was tested again for sound quality. The housing remained intact, the cords did not pinch or fray, and there were no broken parts. All passed with flying colors.

The overall construction for the Spiderbuds is excellent. As for sound quality, they are good for the money spent, unlike others in the same price range.

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