Miggo Protective Case Is your Camera’s New Best Friend

I have to admit it, my first interaction with Miggo was on kickstarter, I’ve seen it while browsing for cool and new gadgets to cover here on Walyou and I remember that my first thought once stumbling upon it was “Damn, I need it”.


We got to review two great products by Miggo, the Strap & Wrap and the Grip & Wrap.miggo review

Miggo is a patent pending camera straps, their products are meant to change the way you think about camera bags. Their line of products is aimed to make it easier for you to carry your camera while giving it a great protection from impacts and scratches.

Strap & Wrap

Strap Wrap miggo review2Many times I found myself avoiding taking my DSLR  camera since I couldn’t carry it easily or I just didn’t want to get dragged with the camera’s big bag that basically didn’t fit my bag. Eventually I just took the camera without the bag,  placing it in my daily bag hoping that nothing bad will happen to it. That’s why I was super excited to test out Miggo’s Strap & Wrap. It’s a simple yet innovative solution you basically strap&wrap and you are good to go. Miggo also acts as a protective case so you can also carry comfortably your DSLR across your torso and keep it safe. It’s super easy to use, you just screw the case to the bottom of your camera, you can also use the safe cord which gives your camera a secondary “safety net” so it would detached from the case and this is pretty much it – you are good to go. To close the case you simply wrap it across the camera and that’s it! Available for $49.99, for more details go to Miggo.

miggo review 3Grip & Wrap

If you have a small DSLR this Grip and Wrap is perfect for you. This is a small and elastic camera cover that totally replaces your old bulky bag with style! The Grip and Wrap comes in 7 different colors and patterns and I think it’s a great deal for your money.

grip wrap

Available for $39.99, this camera case packs all of Miggo’s best qualities. To be honest I liked this one better since it’s more compact, geek chic looking and faster to use. It was very easy and effortless to place the camera inside, close open and take my shot. One nice added value is the inner pocket you have on the strap so you can place your lens there while taking some photos, and in case you were wondering you can also connect a tripod while using Miggo.miggo review1

Buttom line

These straps are super handy, instead of carrying around the bulky case you currently have, this is a super modern and very on the go way to carry your camera much more easily while protecting it of corse and keeping it safe. Miggo’s products are made out of Neoprene and Lycra. Each of these cases come with 2 years warranty, a safety cord will keep your camera secured to the strap and a well designated pocket on the case for your lens cap when not in use. The bottom line is that Miggo gets the job done, their solution provides a great way to carry your camera, if you travel a lot, this can be a great product for you.

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