3-in-1 iPhone 6 Wallet Case by Qlio Hands on Review

Need to protect your iPhone 6/6S?  We got to test out this new wallet case by Qlio, and… yes! We loved it.

With so many new cases flooding the market on a weekly basis, it’s hard to keep up and even harder to find one you like. That’s why we love to get these cases and try them out, letting you know what we think about them. Wallet cases are all about making your life easier and it seems that this case by Qlio will do just that.

review 3-in-1 iPhone 6 Wallet Case by QlioThe case seems to be made out of quality materials; it feels nice and durable. It comes in 3 different colors, we got the grey one to test out. Personally, I think it’s the best color. The case combines both fabric and synthetic leather, making it look more luxurious and modern. Inside of the case you have specially designed pockets to hold your essentials such as cards and money. The case combines magnetics to give it an even slicker look. It closes using magnets and the phone attaches to the case via the magnets, making it more techy and kinda cool.

3-in-1 iPhone 6 Wallet Case QlioA great feature on this case is your ability to detach your iPhone from the case when the need arises. For example, taking a picture. I’ve never seen this kind of ability in wallet case before so it was a nice surprise to stumble upon while test-driving the case.

best 3-in-1 iPhone 6 Wallet Case Qlio

A good case in my opinion is one that protects my iPhone while providing that slick look that I love so much, without adding too much bulkiness. I think that the Qlio nalis all of those demands. For more great cases for the iPhone 6 check out our list on iPhone 6/6S Premium Cases.