Teenager Develops Cool Startup, Gets to TC Disrupt SF

Gal Harth, the 15-year-old CTO of Doweet, an Israeli based startup, got to TechCrunch Disrupt where he presented the main advantages of this iOS app.

The main goal of Doweet is to make people socialize more in real life. Users of this iOS app are encouraged to spend less time in front of their computers or TVs and have more fun with their friends face to face. Since there still was a need for a digital way to connect, Doweet was developed.

In an interview given to TechCrunch Gadgets editor John Biggs, the teenager explains exactly how the app works, though things may be a little bit confusing. Apparently, after launching the app, users enter the activities they want to do in the near future. Presuming that their friends also have Doweet on their iOS devices, they can join them in doing those activities, thus making things a lot more fun.

As seen in the above picture, one of the tabs features fresh events, while the other one includes the upcoming activities. Each entry includes the name of the Doweet user, as well as the name, the time and location of the event. In addition, users may comment one on another’s entries and can also mark an event as a favorite. Not at last, Doweet users can also see who else is participating at a particular event, providing that the attendees tapped on the “I’m in” button. A News section is also available, along with a link to Options, where the users can change their settings. Tapping on each event will provide further details and will allow other users to comment. It is nice to see that users can be organized in groups and that Facebook friends can be added in the equation.

Currently, Doweet only works on iOS and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. However, the developers of this app also promised a version for Android, as well as an Web app. Teenage entrepreneur Gal Harth may have a really bright future ahead, if he explores creativity more and comes up with even more original ideas.

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