The Drinkable Book – Reading & Purifying Water

Still in production and not yet distributed to those who need it, chemist Theresa Dankovich in collaboration with WaterisLife, has invented paper water filters and his hoping to distribute them where they’re needed the most.

The paper she’s created can reduce water bacteria by 99%, which makes it comparable to tap water in the United States. It is done by embedded microscopic silver particles that kill Cholera, E. Coli and typhoid. These particles coat each page, which also comes with an educational message about drinking water.

The Drinkable Book

Each page costs mere pennies to make, and each page in the book can provide 30 days of clean water. An entire book has the potential to last for almost four years.

Dankovich has recently returned from Northern Ghana where she undertook some field research, and had this to say: I am delighted that this project has received so much attention and support. It shows tremendous potential to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives. I am looking forward to the day we start distributing these Drinkable Books to people who need them.