The Race for the Driverless Car is Speeding up

Driving is a commodity. It is something that is an essential for every day to be composed of the responsibilities that currently take place. The functions of the world, the reliance of the key leaders from getting from one location to another is all built and centred on transportation and communication. In order to orchestrate the two, the transportation of the important individuals is a key must have.


As the world continues to develop its technology the discussion of driverless cars continues to be brought up. According to verified sources, the technology to achieve driverless cars has a potential of becoming a reality within a mere 5 years from now. It would be something created with the use of radar technology, along with lasers and sensors to help cars communicate with one another. The concept sounds great, and the potential gains for such a development would be incredible.

Driverless cars would open up an entire new window of opportunity. It would help contribute towards driving safety because car technology would be heightened and the universal language would be able to prevent accidents by cars having a form of self-awareness. There would also be a development of efficiency in the form of getting from one place to another in maximum time by having cars working in a universal standard to maximize speed and safety.

There would be no interaction of human emotion, no temper tantrums, simply the art form of products working together to maximize and achieve success in one target area. Collisions would occur at a much lessfrequent rate by having advanced radar systems within the vehicles making them aware of what is around them and having the process to address the situations properly. Tag this into the development of the air bags Mercedes-Benz is preparing to prevent collisions – that deploy once a vehicle gets too close to another, and we will have a world that no longer has collisions or crash victims; the amount of lives that could be saved would be staggering.

As technology continues to develop in these avenues of transportation, the amount of hopes and wishes which come true from it would be incredible. There are several people who have either been impacted by a car accident or suffered some form of loss due to them and this kind of development would change the very form of the world in the aspect of transportation. It would be a safer and more governed world, but with the amount of responsibility put into the hands of electronics and computers there are other avenues to consider.

With many people adept in the form of computer technology, you would have to wonder and be concerned about the security precautions that would be involved with such a programme being enforced. The amount of positivity that there is to come from such a development, without question, would benefit society but with every great stride in technology comes the great responsibility of protecting it from compromise. In a world of electronics and computer control this is a very sensitive topic.

The potential gains from such implementation are in fact incredible, but the strides must be taken with grace and proper procedure to make sure that nothing can fall out of place that could cause a massive dent in the infrastructure of a great idea.

Author Bio: Bradley Taylor is an automotive blogger, journalist and enthusiast. He also contributes to other and on behalf of other motoring publications such as Premium Cars Direct, BMW, Nissan, Audi and Ford. Connect with Bradley on Google Plus.