Ears Up! That’s How You Pick Up In Japan

Those ears are odd without the ability to move, but otherwise they wouldn’t be crazy enough to attract Japanese customers. Meet Necomimi, a new way to express feelings and an old way to look strange.

Those cat ears are really unique, though they seem to be a regular piece of clothing in Far East. They are actually controlled by brainwaves and other biosensors, or, being more specific, emotions. That means they move any time there’s a change in feelings of a person wearing them. That’s how the gadget tries to mimic the way cat’s ears move.

So far there are three states of Necomimi explained (and tested by some lucky bastards…). When you concentrate (e.g. eating a donut…) the ears stand up and when you are relaxed and comfortable, the ears drop down. The third one is when you feel relaxed and concentrated at the same time – that makes the ears to go up and move actively. The movie below clearly shows that sexual arousal is kind of the same as concentration, ears go straight up. Those Japanese, their life must be so simple, huh? Hell knows what happens when you get angry or sad.

Anyway, those ears were developed by a Tokyo-based company called neurowear. They say it is just the first in the whole line of fashion accessories and gadgets using brainwaves control. Wonder what’s next. Necomimi’s name comes from two Japanese words: neco and mimi, which stand for cat and ear respectively.

Though in some countries it may look strange to wear cat’s ears, in Japanese culture it’s a popular thread in fiction genres, such as manga and anime. Catgirls, known as Nekomimi, are girls having some feline characteristics attached to their human body. That probably explains why Necomimi brain-controlled ears were a huge hit, when exhibited some days ago in “Smile Bazar” in Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills. No word on pricing and availability.

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Via: japanesetrends / crunchgear