Ingenious Phone Ad: Japanese Forest Xylophone

What happens when a wooden ball falls down a wooden staircase, with resounding wooden bars resting at every step, in the middle of a forest when someone is there to film it? EVERYTHING. Actually – no, this isn’t supposed to be a rhetorical question. But for the release of the DOCOMO Touch Wood SH-08C phone, the Japanese company created a beautifully choreographed advertisment that does exactly this.

Isn’t it wonderful? Isn’t it grand? I saw this while I was eating dinner and a single noodle fell from my mouth. The song that this huge outdoor xylophone is playing is Bach’s Cantata 147. You might recognize it considering it’s played at almost every wedding you’ve ever been to and will attend in your life. It feels serene doesn’t it, listening to classical music being played by – gravity, with Bambis prancing around in the back? According to my sources though, Bach’s Cantata 147 has proven to mess with the breeding habits of wildlife, so keep this in mind if you think this advertisement has no negative consequences on nature.

Snarky-ness aside, this advertisement is beautiful and it sort of makes me feel like buying a phone made of wood. What’s that you say? This IS in fact an advertisement for a phone with a wooden case? Well by golly, today must be my lucky day – or is it? It turns out the company only produced 15,000 of the limited edition phones and in less than two weeks, all of them had been sold.

The phone is shaped like a pebble, sort of like that other phone … You know, the Motorola PEBL? But unlike the PEBL, the back of the case is cut out of wood so that every single phone is unique in design, perfect for carving your sweetheart’s initials to truly cement your love.

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Via: Spoon and Tamago