Professionally Decorate your Eggs with the Original Egg-Bot

Do you want to impress people with beautifully designed egg-shaped objects…including actual eggs? The Original Egg-Bot guarantees that you will have the best looking Easter Eggs in the whole neighborhood.

Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and according to National Geographic, the birth of baby animals is happening everywhere you turn. Baseball players are dusting off home plate for Opening Day (Go [insert your favorite baseball team here]!), outdoor grills are being dusted off, and bulky winter sweaters are finally being shoved back into storage bins for another year. It is also time for Easter! And while the holiday may have passed this year (and you are still gnawing on that giant chocolate bunny), why not get a head start on decorating Easter eggs next year with the Egg-Bot!

The Original Egg-Bot, created by Evil Mad Science LLC, is a fun open source art-based robot able to draw on eggs and egg-shaped objects from 1.25 to 4.25 inches in diameter. The robot is able to draw on anything from eggs to golf balls, as well as those fun miniature pumpkins, Christmas ornaments, and even wine glasses (though a bit of work is required for that one).

Because Egg-Bot’s software is open source, those who are computer savvy and have an artistic eye will enjoy making lots of fun designs. Egg-Bot uses Inkscape, which is a great freeware illustration program that can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. The official website states: “You can draw an image directly, trace a photograph, or import designs from other programs. You can also control the Egg-Bot directly from many other programs that have the ability to send serial commands over a USB port.”

The Original Egg-Bot is priced at $195 and can be ordered through the official website. One of the best parts is this is not just any old gadget but a fun introduction to those interested in robotics. The software and electronics can be hacked and repurposed. Attach it to your Etch-a-Sketch and see what it comes up with!

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