Romanian Eco Art Made From Food

Romanian self-proclaimed eco artist Dan Cretu gave a new meaning to the phrase “playing with food.” Check the following images to see just how creative some people can get with their fruits and vegetables.

Just to make sure there’s no confusion here, I’ll say that not all Romanians are into creating works for art from their food, even though Dan Cretu is not the only example, others making real sculptures with fruits and veggies. This is neither some sort of tradition in my country, just an example that some Romanians don’t need stone or oil and colors to create art.

As he stated in an interview for Huffington Post UK, “Every time I go to the market I spend minutes in front of the fruit and vegetables tables, trying to imagine my next work. I use nature’s creations to make objects that are normally artificial/anorganic. What comes out of that? A veggy stereo, a pepper chopper, a soccer ball you can eat during half time and so on. Although it is something that requires attention to detail, I have to move fast and cut precisely. The raw material dehydrates rapidly and if I waste too much time I risk losing the beauty of shape and colours.”

The problem with cut fruit and vegetables is that they don’t need long to degrade. Hence, the proper thing to do after shooting photos of the artworks is to… well, eat them, as Cretu himself suggests in the aforementioned interview. It should be noted that none of the images have been digitally manipulated. To make sure that the the colors are crisp and bright, Dan Cretu needs to cut everything as fast as possible, set everything into position and shoot the pictures. This Eco Artist is also a photograph, so he doesn’t have to rely on someone else’s service to get the work done.

Currently, Dan Cretu works in the advertising industry, but he hopes that the publicity he’ll get with these works of art will help him organize his first exhibitions. Not sure yet whether he’s talking about a photography exhibition, or about one featuring these eatable pieces of eco art.

If you are curious about his older food art, or simply want to see more of these, check out Dan Cretu’s website. The logo is only one of the things suggesting the creativity of this man.

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