12 Coolest Star Trek Tattoos

Not everyone is both a Star Wars & Star Trek fan. Some people just like one of these franchises, often with fierce devotion. While there are people who tattoo themselves with characters and objects from both series, it’s usually just one or the other.

So not everyone was really happy about hearing that J.J. Abrams will become the director of the new Star Wars (Episode VII) film. It means that after directing the his second feature in the relaunch of the Star Trek cinematic universe, Star Trek into Darkness (coming out May 17, 2013), he might simply switch to the better paying Disney franchise and Star Trek might be thrown back into limbo.

Well, to cheer you up, and maybe gives you some idea on how to mutilate your body with the face of Spock and or the serial number of the enterprise, here are some of the best Star Wars tattoo you might encounter in your life.

Spock Fans

Spock Tattoo

Spock & Things Tattoo


Picard Fans

Picard Tattoo

Fans of the Enterprise & Space


Enterprise Tattoo

Command & Science


Ship Tattoo

Star Trek Universe Tattoo

New & Old

Old & New Star Trek

New & Old

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