What Happens When Great Artists Make Their Own Lunch?

What happens when great artists make their own lunch? Will their lunch meat sandwiches be just as inspiring?

sandwich art 01

Ever wonder what it would be like if some of the great artists of the past century put the same creativity into their lunches as their art projects? Thankfully, someone answered that burning question for us.

sandwich art 02

According to our source, a certain artist named Brittany Powell designed this series of sandwiches as part of her “Low-Commitment Projects”, which she did in collaboration with Tae Kitakata.

While I doubt that sandwich making could ever be considered a fine art, the ones we’ve got here are actually pretty faithful to the styles of various artists.

sandwich art 03

At the top we’ve got ourselves a Piet Mondrian on pumpernickel with cheese. Following that there’s one of O’Keefe’s iconic flowers made with lettuce, cheese and what looks like sliced ham.

sandwich art 04

Next up, who could mistake the work of Rothko? Here we’ve got our own version or Orange and Yellow with cheese and mustard. We’ve even got a sanwich version of Damien Hirst’s LSD with little dots of dressing all over it. Not exactly the most appetizing lunch, but it sure looks neat.

sandwich art 05

My favourite of the bunch has to be the Christo sandwich. I wouldn’t be surprised if wrapping his lunches like he does landmarks was his first love and inspiration for his later work.

I can only imagine what it would be like if one of these artists decided to work for Subways or open their own artisanal sandwich shops instead of what we know them for. Well, that’s a question for another life.

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